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A Painless Tooth Removal is a type of denture for those patients who desire a tooth replacement for functional or aesthetic purposes. It is carried out when the patient is unable or is incompatible with other types of denture such as a fixed partial denture, due to the lack of a tooth to provide as a support Painless Tooth Removal for Bridges. The term Painless Tooth Removal is given in the light that these dentures can be removed and reinserted whenever required by the patient. It is also more economical and comfortable in day-day activities of a person. It is attached to the gum coloured plastic bases or natural gums. These structures are connected by using a suitable metal framework. It is designed for your individual needs by a Dentist. Devices known as precision attachments are used to attach the denture to your natural teeth. It has a metal clasp or framework that is attached to the teeth and gives a more appealing and natural look compared to the conventional metal clasps, making it more suitable for your aesthetic needs. It is more expensive than traditional metal clasps but more dependable and comfortable. You need to consult a dentist to discuss the perfect type of denture that suits your oral health. You may notice mild bulkiness and may be uncomfortable in the initial weak of fixing a removable partial denture. But this is only a temporary uneasiness and shall improve with time. It is also observed that removable partial denture is helpful in patients who are unable to cope up with the dentures due to irritation etc. as it can be removed and reinserted easily with no professional help. However, these dentures should not be subjected to extreme force or pressure and should be handled with care to avoid unnecessary complications.