About Apple Dental Clinic

ADC INCLUSIVE DENTOZONE INDIA Represents Apple Dental Clinics, Chain of dental clinics, the centre for clinical research and ozonotherapy in dentistry, facial aesthetics, hair transplant/trichology, skin treatments, Pain cure centre for almost all body pains and TMJD Cure.apple dental clinics is division of adc inclusive chain of clinics and is located in kharghar,navi mumbai and it is serving the best dental services since 2010 in navi mumbai and mumbai. Dr Sudhir Dole, India's first certified ozonotherapist and ozone trainer founded it with Dr Amandeep Kaur MDS Orthodontics & Dentofacial orthopaedics, Ozone trainer and ozonotherapist on 7th nov 2010 and striving to provide the best efforts to excel the dentistry at all levels and creating smiles for thousands. The duo of these two ozone consultants are pioneers across the world and INDIA to upgarde the dental profession,facial aesthetics,trichology and skin treatments,they all make a teamwith more 50 dentists with them to upgrade the excellence in dentistry and bring the best to you. The panel of dentists, facial aestheticians, tricologists, TMJ Specialists and dermatologists keep on visiting the centre to make the best efforts to provide excellence in healthcare with ozone therapy and its benefits to healthcare.

Panel Of Dentists


Ozone consultant and chief dental surgeon


MDS ORTHODONTIST and ozone therapist

Dr Vishal Mahajan

MDS Endodontist

Dr Sanjay Arora

TMJ & Body Pains Consultant


Consultant Laser Dentist

Dr Kartik Poonja


Dr Fenal Shah

DDS USA Consultant for infection controll

Dr Radhika Thakker

Dr Ramesh Thakker

Skin Specialist

Dr Jay Shah


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