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Painless Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is also known as Endodontic treatment. To know about this treatment in detail, it is important to know about your root canal and its associated structures. The interstitial space within the tooth root is referred as pulp. Nerves, pulp chamber, blood vessels etc. are the structures that constitutes with in the pulp.

A root canal treatment is conducted to repair and save a decayed or infected tooth. Nerve and pulp of the tooth is removed by the Dentist during a root canal treatment and the inside of your tooth is well-cleaned and sealed. The removal of tooth nerve does not affect tooth health as its function is pretty much over once the tooth has emerged over the gums. The function of the nerve is only sensory which is to provide the sensation of hot or cold. Hence, removal of nerves does not affect the teeth’s function in daily life. One of the main highlight of Root Canal treatment is that it does not require removal of an entire tooth structure as the infection spreads. Through this Root Canal Procedure, the disease can be managed effectively and treated by retaining the tooth.